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New product launch – Business-to-Business
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EleMed – HSA Accounts for Small Business

New HSA Account Starter Bonus
On the employer’s behalf, John Alden Life Insurance Company will use one month’s premium to seed HSA accounts.  Employers can create good will with employees with the Account Starter Bonus.  Typically, account holders start off with hundreds of dollars in their HSA account.  Employees will really appreciate receiving starter deposits to their HSA accounts at no cost to them.  This bonus program is available on new small group business with effective dates through March 31, 2006.


6% Interest for the First Year!
To make the John Alden HSA even more attractive to employers and employees – new account holders can earn 6% interest on their funds ffor the first 12 months. That’s nearly double the current interest rates that are offered by banks on savings, money market accounts and CDs.  The 6% interest is available on new John Alden small group HSA Tools accounts with effective dates through March 31, 2006 for 12 months from the date the account is opened.


HSAs – Multi-Billion Dollar Baby
Within only five years, six million families and individuals will be using HSAs to put aside more than $79 billion in savings according to recent federal government reports.  What does that mean to agents?  The very landscape of the health insurance industry is changing and changing very rapidly.

Educating Employers and Employees – No Problem
Ted Shannon, research analyst for Janus Capital Group, has said that HSAs will “dominate the health care market” over the coming years.  He claims that the biggest roadblock to implementing HSAs is the difficulty in educating employers and employees about the benefits.

Easy-to-understand brochures and sales tools from John Alden, make it unmistakably clear to employers and employees – HSAs will save them money on their health insurance costs.

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