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Fusion Babbitting
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World Leading Coating Solutions

Introducing Fusion’s Arc Spray System.
Designed around reliability and versatility – the arc spray process has a reputation for exceptional performance, consistent and reliable application, creating a coating that lasts.

Arc spray applications have been improved to perfect this coating process making it one of your most cost-effective coating solutions.  Fusion’s highly trained specialists have more than 38 years of experience with all types of babbit bearings.  This insures that your part is carefully examined for flaws and impurities and refinished to perfection.

We’ve Invested To Serve You Better.
Our new arc spray equipment was installed to better serve our customers.  It allows Fusion to provide your company with outstanding turn-around times, the highest quality finished product all from a single location.  Fusion’s commitment to this technology and serving you better does not stop there.  We’ve taken great care to create an environmentally conscious system that is good for our most valuable resource; our employees and the environment.

A Proven Arch Spray System.
The system features:

  1. “Pull” wire feed design
  2. Air motor driven
  3. 1.6mm or 2mm wire feed capability
  4. Robust construction
  5. Rated for operation up to 350 amps
  6. Designed for handheld operations

The Right Process For Part Restoration.
The flexibility and forgiving nature of the process allows Fusion to create thick coatings that last without loss of bond strength.  For this reason, arc spray is fast becoming the coating of choice in the industry.  When downtime of replacement parts means a significant loss in profit, Fusion provides you with fast turnaround and refurbishing that will keep you up and running.

24-Hour Emergency Service – When You Really Need Help!
Fusion Babbitting is there when you need help.  Seven days per week – our service professionals are there to assist you and expedite your project.  It’s the kind of customer service that’s rare in the industry and something you can count on when you need it most.